NOLA Burners present Burning Bayou 2014

The  Burning Bayou  event will once again be an arts village hosted by the New Orleans Burning Man Community at the T-Bois Blues Festival in Larose Lousiana on March 19th,20th and 21st 2015. Featuring a camping village with Theme Camps, interactive art exhibits, live performances, music, communtiy awareness and artistic activities. We will not be providing a bar this year, but a mixer refreshment kiosk where the community is invited to lounge  and enjoy.

T-Bois Blues Festival

From 2014: The  Burning Bayou  event will be an arts village hosted by the New Orleans Burning Man Community at the T-Bois Blues Festival in Larose Lousiana on April 4th & 5th 2014. Burning Bayou will feature a camping village with Theme Camps, interactive art exhibits, live performances, music, communtiy awareness and artistic activities.

From 2013:  The greatest festival in Larose, Louisiana announced their initial lineup  today. Alligator Mike is bringing back a few familiar faces from last year’s card, including Anders Osborne, whose scorchingly intense set burned through the Louisiana swamps like the towering bonfires that ended the weekend. Local band-leader Eric Lindell gets the second headlining nod, along with The Jason Ricci Band and T-Bois newcomers Nick Moss and The Fliptops. Other notable performances of the weekend will be Colin Lake‘s always incredible late-night set,  Alvin Youngblood Hart’s Muscle Theory, and Hill Country guitarist Jimbo Mathis (of Squirrel Nut Zippers fame).

Last year’s experience was all around one of the greatest camping festivals that I had ever been to. From the haunting beauty of the Louisiana landscape to the laid back vibe surrounding the entire event – it was probably the closest thing to a perfect festival that you could ask for. Then you throw in some of the best creole chefs in New Orleans and a bunch of guys that know a lot about beer, let them handle the crawfish boils and the home brew tent, and you got yourself a real south Louisiana party.


Tickets are available through the T-Bois website.  They are very limited in number and if there are any left at the gate they will increase in price.

The GA at T-Bois is what makes this festival the most unique of its kind. No other Festival in this country provides the level of talented musicians that T-Bois gives Festival goers while giving them free food, free craft beer and free camping all day, every day. New Orleans’ favorite beer maker NOLA Brewery, and, guest chef Crescent Pie and Sausage’s Bart Bell preparing most of the food, T-Bois is locked and loaded with a great selection of brews and Cajun cuisine. Please see the Beer and Food menu for more info!

VIP- It’s hard to give VIP treatment when you’re already giving away food and beer! But, we got a little something extra for our VIP’ers. T-Bois Blues Festival is located on an alligator farm and my Father gives one of the best alligator tours around. VIP festival goers get to see the Falgout Gator Farm broodstock of massive alligators. The tour takes about a half hour so you won’t miss much music. Also, the VIP get’s you into our Saturday Beer Garden where you’ll find very exclusive beers from around the country and many different types of homebrew from local brewers. Also, Guest Chef Nathanial Zimet of NOLA’s Boucherie will be cooking some very special meals and treats throughout the day, only for VIP festival goers. Some of the things on Chef Zimet’s menu will include whole smoked hog, crawfish beignets with smoked powdered sugar, braised pork belly with grilled cantaloupe and his famous krispy kreme bread pudding along with a few other treats. The menu will be available soon! But, most importantly, purchasing a VIP ticket each year will GARAUNTEE your entry into T-Bois the following year. Please understand that eventually T-Bois will sell out, so this amenity is priceless. T-Bois T-Shirt and Poster is also included in the VIP package. More VIP amenities will be added as we get closer to the fest.

T-Bois History

T-Bois, a Cajun French word meaning ‘lil Woods,’ is the name of the farm that has been in my mother’s family for over 60 years. It was primarily used for farming cattle through the years with a crawfish pond scattered here or there, but no one lived on this beautiful property. In 1983 my Father Ted built a house at T-Bois and my family and I moved there. He quickly got into the crawfish business and after several years decided to try a new and very interesting endeavor, alligator farming. Now 25 years later, several members of my family have moved to T-Bois, the alligator business has been successful and it’s still as interesting and unique a story to tell as it was day one. But the greatest memories I have form this wonderful place come from the years growing up hunting, fishing, picking blackberries and catching crawfish that I shared with my twin brother, Mark.

In the mid-80′s when the crawfish business was in full effect my dad, Ted, would have these huge Good Friday crawfish boils. I can remember hundreds of family members and friends coming over and enjoying the fruits (or mudbugs) that T-Bois had given us. Then, in the 90′s my cousins from both sides of my family, Nicole and Michelle (Robichaux side) and Chad and Paul (Falgout side) started having similar parties like my dad. One day while my Uncle Paul was at work he was telling fellow employees about their party of great music, great food and great friends, a fellow worker said in our great Cajun accent “mais, y’all havin y’all selves a pallooza huh?” It was then that T-Bois Polluzza was born.

Our Polluzza was primarily just a crawfish boil/bonfire/campout event with either good music being played by radio or a random musician would show up with a guitar. It went on through the years with different friends showing up but always having the core group of family members in attendance. Then, after several years of not being able to coordinate schedules, and, our family growing exponentially with more little cousins, the party had lost steam. Mark and I had moved away from Bayou Lafourche after high school for stints in Lafayette and other cities on the Gulf Coast, but eventually the road took us to New Orleans and immediately after moving there we found ourselves totaly engulfed in The Big Easy’s music and culture. It was then that I decided to give T-Bois Polluzza one more push.

The first year under my watch we returned the party back to Good Friday. One of my very best friends, T-Mel Ledet and his brother Heath along with a few other close friends, worked hard several weeks in advance to make T-Bois Polluzza special. We had a huge crawfish boil and other seafood, but the main addition was adding plugged in live music. We brought in a musician who was resurrecting his career like we was resurrecting T-Bois, Mr. Anders Osborne. And, we brought in a new to the scene musician who was just building a career, Colin Lake. I’ve seen these two musicians’ careers grow exponentially in the last few years, and I hope T-Bois Blues Fest can follow suit.

This event is only possible because of a few tremendous groups of people. First and foremost my Mother Ruth and her amazing family for opening up their farmland to new faces and friends each year. And my Father Ted, who puts in countless hours grooming the grounds, catching the crawfish (in a Cajun pirogue by himself with a push pole, not an engine), catching and cleaning catfish for us to eat, but most importantly allowing us to come to this land and make ourselves at home. And, my unbelievable friends, which I have been lucky to surround myself with through the years who give up so much of their spare time to make this such a special event. Words cannot express how grateful I am to everyone for making the past few years so successful and for making a personal dream of mine a reality. I believe I speak for everyone when I say we will continue to make T-Bois a special and truly unique experience for years to come.

-Alligator Mike

 Burning Bayou Theme Camps

Nola Burners will be building a village of Theme Camps and camping spaces.  If you have a Theme Camp that you want placed in a key location please e-mail for a Theme Camp questionaire. We will be placing sound camps and adult themed camps in specific areas so they do not interfere with the experience of the other stages and family attendees.  If you would like to set up one of these types of Theme Camps you need to fill out the questionaire and be placed by the placement team.  Anyone is welcome to fill in the remaining space with other non-amplified and art themed camps.

Driving any vehicles on the festival grounds will not be permitted once the festival is opened on Friday through the close on Sunday.  Placed and pre-approved Theme Camps will be allowed to be set up on site Thursday April 3.  Vehicles will only be allowed on the grounds on thursday to unload set up and be parked for the weekend.  This is also subject to the weather leading up to the event and the moisture level of the soil.

Everyone entering the site Thursday to build theme camps must have tickets to the event.

Art Exhibits and Sculptures

All Burning Bayou attendees are welcome and incouraged to bring and showcase their art.  If you have a large scale exhibit or art sulpture you would like to display in a prime location please e-mail Jenny at for placement.

Art Cars

Unfortunately festival attendees will not be allowed to drive around the festival grounds in Art cars or other vehicles.  If you have an Art Car you would like to display you will need to have it on site Thusday April 3, be placed by our placement team and not move it until Sunday April 6 after 12noon.

Parking / Camping

All event attendees will have to park in the designated parking lot and walk their camping gear to their camp sites, aproximately 100-200 yards.  There will be shuttles to help people carry their gear to their camp sites.  If you want to camp in the Burning Bayou Village tell the people at the gate to direct you to the proper area.

Large Art Burn

The New Orleans Burning Man community aka NOLA BURNERS will be constructing a giant aligator coming out of the swamp to burn Saturday night.  If anyone wants to get involved in this please contact Eric at

Questions / Contact

If you have any questions about this event or the Burning Bayou Village please contact Dan at

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