Jackon Square at the Souk – CORE project 2014

The NOLA Burners have transported Jackson Square to the Souk! The Souk is a caravansary inspired open air marketplace at the base of the man open 24 hours for the duration of Burning Man. Visitors to Jackson Square admire handmade Mardi Gras floats, and joyous parades erupt spontaneously, inspiring souk visitors to march and dance around the Man. Visitors are creating Playa-Positive Voodoo Dolls and block printing dust masks with iconic New Orleans images. Wanderers are having their Tarot cards read and consulting with the Wise Woman of the Playa, who provides talismans for those seeking blessings. Penances are being handed out at the St. Louis Cathedral Confessional – absolution guaranteed for travelers of all (and no) faiths! If the timing is right, visitors can receive hand massages, Reiki, henna tattoos, and souvenir photos of their souk adventure! New Orleans is famous for literature, and our resident writer composes personalized poems and letters. Writers gather for a Writing Marathon, pens at the ready to record the wonders of the Souk.

Each night, those who are brave venture on Haunted Souk Tours, forearmed with a warning: Beware the Headless Sparkle Pony!

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Burn Baby Burn!