About the CORE Project

2015 – The Sunken City Sideshow at the Midway

The NOLA Burners got the show on the road and brought the show to the Midway!

Learn more about the Midway – the 2015 CORE Project

2014 Jackson Square at the Souk

The NOLA Burners have transported Jackson Square to the Souk!

Learn more about the Souk – the 2014 CORE Project


2013 Alter of the Wetlands

Mechanical fish over an artificial reef. Man’s feeble attempts to recreate the environment he has destroyed.  On the playa mutant vehicles drift like boats across a calm sea. Altar of the Wetlands will celebrate this feeling with an installation consisting of an altar topped with a large school of mechanical fish swimming in school. Rising 18 feet above the playa will be an altar to the wetlands. Made entirely of wood, this structure will resemble a hybrid between an altar, levee wall and coral reef. Stairs along the sides of the structure bring visitors to the top, where a school of wooden fish rise from the base of the altar to swim through the air.

Learn more about Alter of the Wetlands – the 2013 CORE Project

2012 Bebe Brulee

A 15 foot king cake baby sitting atop a decorated king cake temple.  It is another ambitious project from the New Orleans regional and we look forward to many other fun projects.

Learn more about Bebe Brulee – the 2012 CORE Project


2011 MamaNOLA

New Orleans burners participated in the first Center of Regional Effigies (CORE) project with MamaNOLA.  It was an immense undertaking from the early stages of design and fundraising culminating in the burn night where it was set ablaze.

Learn more about the 2011 CORE Project – MamaNOLA